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Selecting the right newborn photographer today is as involving as choosing a pediatrician. For the best results, search online and ask from your friends and family. The process can be tedious at the end of the day. But what makes a good newborn photographer? This article will give you a list of things you should consider in the selection of Newborn photographer from Austin. Read on.


cute baby, potraitsThe best photographer should be able to give you all the attention you want. By this I mean, there should not be another client scheduled at the same time as you. Newborn photo shoots last at most 2 hours, but you will not get the best service if your photographer is pre-occupied. They should make you the priority at your scheduled time.

To be sure that you will get their full attention, ask if they have someone else scheduled at the same time as you. You can request this via a text message, call or send an email. Do not be shy to ask, ask and the answer given will help you in making the right decision.


Efficiency is key for the best newborn shoots. Months old babies do not like to be dressed and undressed and turned over and over again. This calls for a perfect plan of how the shoot will go on. On the same note, the photographer should be flexible such that they can deviate from the plan when a good opportunity comes. Never shy from asking the photographer if they have a plan for your shoot.


baby girl, photgraphyA reputable photographer will be willing to meet you. This gives you an opportunity to understand the photographer. You need to know each other and like each other for the shoot to work. There will be a great difference between a shoot planned face to face and that planned online. It is during the meeting when they will understand your style, concerns, and personality. Take this opportunity to discuss the pricing, sign the contract and pay for the deposits if any.

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The best time to get amazing baby portraits is between born day and two weeks old. We all know that it is not advisable to travel with the baby to unfamiliar places like in the studio when they are that young. You will be lucky to find a photographer who is willing to come to you. The good thing is we have several of them in the market. A good photographer will capture beautiful moments in the setting of your home.