Finding High-Quality Scientific Glass Pieces

For the experienced smokers and the newbie in the pursuit of happiness, having a set of scientific glass pieces is important. These glass pieces include bongs, pipes and several other apparatuses that you can use for smoking.With several options out there in the market, sometimes getting a new set of bongs and pipes can be a little bit intimidating. You will have two options when buying your smoking apparatuses. You can decide to visit a local shop and touch some glass while also being able to speak to a specialist.

The other option is that you can actually make your purchases online. But how can you be sure that you are buying the best quality scientific glass pieces? Here is how you can find the best scientific glass pieces for smoking.


How you will be using your glass pieces will determine the sizes that you go for. If you are just using your glass pieces in the comfort of your living room, then you can go for any size, including the largest of sizes. However, if you would like to have glass pieces that you can take with you to the mountain tops or the lakeside when you go out with friends, then portability matters.

If this is the case, you will need smaller sizes of bongs and pipes. Smaller pipes are cheaper and are easy to carry and store. Although larger pipes cost a lot of money, they will give you diversity since you will have a wider choice of joints and adapters to use.


Large water pipes have percolations to diffuse air flow. This is very important since good air flow positively affects the heat making your hit to be smooth. Different water pipes employ different percolation techniques to give smokers the best experiences.The different types include tree percolations, inline percolations, and honeycomb percolations. The diffusion method that you will choose will depend on your personal preferences. You should, therefore, go for pipes that have percolations if you want a smooth smoking experience.

High Glass Quality

When buying smoking glasses, you need one that is very strong so that it won’t break easily. Borosilicate glass is known to be one of the strongest glasses. You should, therefore, go for smoking glass pieces that are made from borosilicate glass.

Unattached Downstems

This is a good quality in scientific glass pieces, especially for water pipes. You should always go for pipes that have unattached down stems. This will allow you to be able to use different down stems so that you can smoke different joints. You will be able to use dry herb joints or legal concentrate joints depending on what you prefer at any particular time.…