Our lives revolve around computers and matters technology. Kids as young as those in preschool are now able to use computers. Devices that were initially meant to help business are now part of everyone’s lives. Like any other machine, these devices are bound to fail at some point. As such, any defects or anomalies in the operation of these devices are bound to have a direct impact on our lives. It is advisable to engage a computer repair expert whenever you experience these anomalies. Here are some signs that should prompt you to contact a computer repair technician.

When your computer runs slowly or freezes


It is common to find a computer run slowly. As expected, older computers are bound to run slowly compared to older models. On the other hand, whenever you find a modern unit running slower than it used to, rest assured that there is something wrong. Malware and virus are believed to be the primary reasons why your computer might be acting abnormally.

When you see the blue screenA

If you have been using computers for some time, the chances are that you have experienced a blue screen or a “dead screen.” As we all know, the problem that occurs to almost every computer user. A blue screen is usually a manifestation of a failed operating system. As such, whenever you notice this, it is always advisable to back up the files you have before taking it to a computer technician.

When the computer is hotter than normal

At times, you might hear a buzzing sound from the fan. This shows that the fan is working hard to push away heat from the processor. On the contrary, a dysfunctional fan or a blocked airway might cause this sound and overheat. This problem should be addressed considering that overheating poses a serious risk of damaging the computer.

Uncontrolled pop-ups

aSdAsdCaasHaving pop-ups you do not want on your computer can be frustrating. To make matters worse, most of the pop ups are beyond our control. Even with a decent anti-virus, these popups are bound to find their way. Basic knowledge on computers often results in unsuccessful attempts considering that modern malware programs tend to be quite complicated. In this regard, if you are not able to fix this, let a professional look at it.

If by any chance you see or get to see some of these signs, you should get to computer repairs Brisbane experts as soon as possible. Some fixes might be simpler than you thought while others might lead to permanent damage.