centuries. Naturally, nicely colored armies will instill awe and fear in your opponent, thus, one should endeavour to paint every piece in one’s army. Now I personally have never played any table top wargames (except perhaps for chess or board (bored) games. My main purpose in painting and collecting Fantasy Miniatures is to PAINT and COLLECT them. Naturally, being an avid Role-player, I have used many of my miniatures in everyday gaming. This works out great because you have to start painting all sorts of different minis to have a variety for your players. Also, it encourages you players to paint with you and perhaps even buy minis for you to paint! Unfortunately, interest in my circles in Role-playing games is waning due to the influx of amazingly cool video games such as Diablo 2, Baldur’s Gate and the new one’s (you know what I’m talking about if you are an AD&D; player). These games are so amazingly amazing, that they will actually cause people to shun the social interaction of the gaming table to stare blankly at a monitor. In a way though, this is a good thing for collecting miniatures. Now all of my minis are safely stashed in my house and are not constantly getting picked up, passed around, put down, knocked over and generally beat upon by a voracious band of heroes that just lost their only Cleric to Blibdlpoolp.


Here is a list of Chronological Upates to the site of imminent interest :o)

05/04/2003 Uploading of the gallery stuff is complete! Now, with some patience, I can slowly add bits here and there 😀

05/03/2003 I have reorganised and uploaded all of the links and I have also began uploading the gallery stuff, starting with Games Workshop miniatures as well as my Reaper miniatures.

05/03/2003 I have added the old tips sections to the new site as well as my Cthulhu Beast Diorama conversion “The Lesser of Two Evils”.

05/02/2003 I designed new menu buttons for the index, and I have uploaded my Biography section as well as the Commission page.

05/01/2003 I have uploaded the Crappy Mini or Not Gallery. Feel free to contact me about a submission!

05/01/2003 I have uploaded the Erol Otus gallery to the new site. Please enjoy 😀

04/30/2003 Well I have switched hosts now, and I am courteously being hosted by chaosmailorder.com. Hopefully, I will slowly start adding content as I build the site back up to it’s previous level.

01/16/2002 The original Miniature Painting Guild came online, complete with banner ads, poor pictures, and generally all things annoying 🙂

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